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As I previously discussed there apparently were two first cousins named Phillip Glick born in 1791 & 1793 and both of their wives’ given names were Lydia living in the same area in Ohio.  This makes it difficult to determine which of the elder Glick brothers were their fathers.  There are two views on this.  It appears that my Phillip, born in 1791, was the son of Johann Peter Glick and Anna Maria Barbara Glick nee Schumacher although it’s important to keep in mind this is only a deduction made through a process of matching siblings names, locations, and some German naming traditions.

Anna Marie Barbara Schumacher was the daughter of Rev. Daniel Schumacher and Mary Elizabeth Schumacher nee Steigerwalt.  She was born on September 12, 1767 in Berks County, Pennsylvania and was baptized by her father, a Lutheran Pastor, on October 5, 1767.2

Barbara married Johann “Peter” Glick in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania in 1788 when she was 21 years old.  According to various accounts Barbara, her husband and family along with other members of the Berks County, Pennsylvania community moved to Fairfield County, Ohio in 1807.  Peter became sick on the journey and died soon after they arrived.  The accounts handed down the generations have variations but all agree Peter died in 1807.  At the time of his death he and Barbara had nine (9) children five  (5) of whom whom were minors.3

I cannot fathom what it must have been like to have been in a new place with five children under the age of 11 and no husband.  The following excerpt from an article entitled The Days of the Pioneers in Fairfield and Pickaway written by Peter’s grandnephew, Peter Brobst, Esq, provides some insight for their lives:

In the year 1807, Father and Mother and three children, Sally, Jacob and myself emigrated from their native heath in Berks Co., Pa. to Ohio, and located upon a tract of 160 acres of land in Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., where the village of Marcy is now situated, part of the land now in the possession of my brother, David Brobst. My maternal Grandfather, Daniel Glick, having come out the previous year and bought the land at $2.50 per acre. We moved into a cabin on the premises built by a settler named Mix. It was constructed of round logs, with puncheon floor, wooden chimney, etc. Father made bedsteads of poles. Some fifteen or twenty families also removed to the same locality, from the same neighborhood in Berks Co., Pa. about the same time, viz. The Glicks, Swanders, Curts, Woodrings, Halls, Nothstines, Runkles, Beerys and others, the ancestry of persons bearing those names in Fairfield, Pickaway and other counties.

They raised a little corn the first season, but no wheat, as deer were too plentiful for wheat raising; but as soon as wheat could be grown successfully, it was made a specialty. They first pounded their grain into meal, on a hominy block, with iron wedges, and sifted it through a buck-skin, in which holes were cut for the purpose.4

On April 11, 1809, a few years after her husband died, Barbara married Low Kirtz/Kurtz/Curts in Fairfield County, Ohio.  Some researchers show his name as Lemuel Kurtz.

Barbara died on January 1, 1835 and is buried in the Old Glick Cemetery with only 2 headstones found (Barbara and her first husband’s).  This cemetery is across the street from the Glick Cemetery (aka: Brick Church Cemetery, Hoy Cemetery) in Lithopolis, Fairfield, Ohio.

Anna Maria Barbara Glick Kirtz née Schumacher was my biological 5th great grandmother on my father’s side.

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