Week 7 (February 12-18): Valentine

For this week’s prompt I decided to look at my database and I found that on my Mom’s side of the family the following births or deaths occurred on February 14:

  1. Born 1807 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Elisha W Turner my 4th great grandfather
  2. Died 1814 in Pearson, North Carolina James Farquhar my 6th great grandfather
  3. Born 1823 in Delaware Elizabeth Johnson nee Hubbard my 3rd great grandmother
  4. Born 1826 in Spartanburg, South Carolina Amy Willis nee Collins my 3rd great grandmother
  5. Died 1877 in Grant, Indiana Theodrick Johnson my 3rd great grandfather
  6. Died 1911 in Joplin, Missouri Joseph Henry Keithley my 2rd great grandfather

My 3rd great grandparents Theodrick and Elizabeth Johnson are both in the list above.  He died on his wife’s 54th birthday.

There are a few marriages that took place on February 14 but most were more recent.

Some of my blog posts relevant to february 14
  • Framed for Life –  My grandparents’ first Valentine Day, as a dating couple, was in February 1928 and Claude gave Ottie a framed card.
  • Heart Holder – The Valentine folder I made at school in February 1968.
  • Joseph Henry Keithley -Early in the morning on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1911, Arthur found his father, Joseph, lying on the floor in the store having had a stroke.