Week 8 (February 19-25): Heirloom

We have family heirlooms and I have written about most of them.  So, today I’m writing about items that I believe may now be considered heirlooms.

September 23, 1989 was the day that Keith and I married.  Our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding was a couple of days ago, February 23, 2018.  Included in both weddings were a few items: a bouquet made by my mom’s best friend; cakes made and decorated by my aunt Claudia; cake topper; and champagne glasses.

My dad made a large shadow box where my bouquet is kept. Our daughter decided she wanted to use it so we pulled it out of the box and she added to it some flowers and ribbons in her wedding colors. I told her that I didn’t think anyone would instantly think it was the same bouquet to which she replied “I don’t either but I like knowing it is.”

When I pulled the cake topper out of its box on Friday it was in three pieces but thankfully there are great products to glue glass to glass and the breaks are in places that aren’t obvious. When I showed the pictures of the cakes side by side to my aunt she said she didn’t realize it but in the middle they have the same ornament and butterflies.

These champagne glasses are tucked away only for special occasions and Friday qualified!