I am a wife, mother of two grown kids.  I have a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies (MLIS) and worked in my local public library for 35+ years when I retired early.  I am the self-appointed family historian because I enjoy researching and collecting family stories, genealogy and photos.   Why have I started this blog?   To preserve and share my families stories as well as track my research progress.

As far back as I can really remember I had an interest in my family history.  Perhaps it stemmed from my father telling me stories of when he was a boy or his decision to meet his biological parents when I was 6 years old.  I recall with many of my visits with my grandmothers asking them if I could look at their photo albums and asking them who the people were in the old photos and to tell me stories about their lives.  I really do not know what specific event may have influenced my interest in genealogy.  But I do know that when I was 11 I visited my great Uncle Leonard in Virginia, he owned an antique store in small rural town, and he took us on a tour of where he and my Grandmother were raised after their parents died.  A few months later I wrote to him and asked for more information on the Lineberry history.  His response to me treated me as an adult with a serious interest and he provided me with the information I requested.  As an 11 year old I didn’t have the skills to do any research but I saved that information and many years later I pulled it out and started my quest for more family histories. Right now on my genealogy website are not only the specific lineage information but also letters and photos I acquired.  Some of them I can look at and read again and again.

What interests you about family history, the pictures, the stories or what?  I’d love for you to join me in documenting your families stories.  My email is kayzie31 at gmail.com

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  1. You and Your Genealogy Blog Have Been Spotted!


    Just a quick note to say that we’ve noted your blog over at Geneabloggers! It is now included on our blog list and I’ve also mentioned it in today’s post, This Week’s New Geneablogs (http://www.geneabloggers.com/this-weeks-new-geneablogs-4/)


    Thomas MacEntee


  2. Bill Edwards said:

    Hello, I just found out that my great great great grandfather is Isaac Lennox who changed his named to Isaac Brown, and that he was raised in holland by a family that was not his. And that he changed his name to Brown after the family that raised him. I am trying to find my family history. I think we might be related. My grandmother’s maiden name was Florence Brown. Sister of Mary Brown that married Floyd Fales I think.
    My grandmother came from Enid Oklahoma. Could you contact me with some info Please. I think we might be related.


  3. Betsy Garrett said:

    Have been doing research on the first 6 women grads of University of Mo medical school and have come to know and admire Dr. Jane Dunaway. Several years ago made contact with some relatives in St Louis (Steve and his mom), and a niece in Denver. Would love any photos of hers- want to do a book someday. Did you know she was a great basketball player?


    • Betsy, that’s exciting! I was aware that she was a good basketball player at least while in college. We have a few photos of Dr. Jane. I can assist you with a few when you’re ready and expect attribution so others could contact us for further family research. I imagine, however, we do not have the only remaining copies of photos. My direct email is kayzie31@gmail.com


  4. Anonymous said:

    My Great Great Great Grandparents are Jakob and Anje DeFries. My Great Great Grandfather is Hiram. I believe we are related. 🙂


  5. I just found your blog and love the way you focus on memories and stories. I’ve been researching for years and have mostly ended up with lots of dates and certificates which tell me nothing about the people, so I’ve just started my own blog writing the life story of one ancestor at a time. I can’t believe how time consuming but how satisfying it is. Unfortunately I don’t have many old relatives left (I’ve moved up that chain myself!) and I’ve found that a lot of the family memories have turned into family myths when put under the spotlight. Which is fun in itself!

    Best regards – I look forward to reading your posts and stories.


    • Thank you. All the supporting information is interesting to seemingly few but the stories that develop from all that documentation is often interesting to many. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and I hope you enjoy blogging about your finds.


  6. Patti Widener said:

    Dear Kay,
    I just started my genealogical research on Ancestry.com. I am one of the many ( many!) descendants of Albid Nigh Bauman, as I discovered last night. My grandfather was Charles Zacky Bauman, son of Albid and Julia Clementine Martha. My father was Robert Nigh Bauman, oldest son of Charles Z, ( or Doc as he was called) . We grew up in Dallas and moved to Amarillo in 1966.
    I am very excited to discover your website! As I am a newbie in the genealogical circles I’m not sure what to do next, but I can give you information about the descendants of Charles Zacky.
    Charles, or Doc died when I was 2, so I don’t remember him, but I do have an article about him that is quite interesting.
    Again, I am a real newbie in this arena, especially in navigating Ancestry.com., so any tips would be welcome.
    Warm thanks,
    Patricia Kay Bauman Widener ( Patti )


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