Bauman Bunkhouses

We have two houses at Lake Texoma on 5 acres.  The house, pictured above, has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with sleeping accommodations for 10 inside and it will have a screened in porch for more if folks want to sleep outside.

The other place, pictured below, has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath with sleeping accommodations for 7 and an open porch available.  There’s a grove that separates the 2 houses with plenty of room for tenting, if that’s your preference.

Directions to our place
  1. From OKC go south on I-35 to SH70 East. This exit is just south of Ardmore and is posted as the Madill / Hardy Murphy coliseum, Exit 29. Turn east on SH70.
  2. Go east on SH70 until you get to Madill. Stay on SH70 through Madill. After you pass Walmart the highway curves to the left. Look for SH70F, which goes off to the right. It is marked as the Enos, Buncombe Creek exit. Turn right, (south) on SH70F. Go south on SH70F until you get to a stop sign. This is the intersection of SH70F and SH37.
  3. Continue south across SH37 (Caution: SH37 DOES NOT HAVE A STOP SIGN.) You will pass a gas station on your right. At the four mile mark there will be a cyclone fenced off natural gas pumping station on your left, slow down and take the road that goes off to the right (west). When you make this turn there will be an electrical sub-station on your left after this turn.
  4. Go west for about 4/10’s of a mile to a “T” intersection. Turn left at the “T”. You are now headed south.
  5. Continue south about 4/10’s of a mile to our place. It is on the left side of the road and we have two blue reflectors marking the drive that leads to a green garage next to our place. We may have a sign posted as well.

Our boat, Moby Deck:

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