I invited my mom and husband to join the wordpress and become editors to my blog.  My mom has decided to create her own as well.  I’ve got the link posted on the side bar to the right but here it is as well DonnaB’s weblog.  I’ve not been very consistent in updating my blog that I’ve had here and on other places.  I have a plan and hope to stick to it and develop a history that can be useful in a compilation at some point.

When Mom put her weblog up I noticed the pink flowers at the top and immediately knew that it was from a photo of beautiful blooms on a tree that we saw on our trip to Illinois this past May.  She told me she recognized the yellow flowers on my weblog as from that same trip in a park we visited.  I didn’t expect that they were recognizable but was pleased that they were!  It sounds like a small thing, perhaps, but I did spend some time trying to take some nice close shots of those flowers.  I like taking photos now that we have the easy-to-use digital cameras.  You don’t have to worry about messing up or spending lots of money on developing bad photos.  I used to take 5 or so photos on a trip now I’m likely to 150 in a single day just because I can experiment so easily.

How do we go about getting involved in the blogging world?