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p5040042In May 2008 my mother and I made a trip to Illinois to do some genealogy research and visited the cemetery in Fairview, Illinois.  My 4th great maternal grandparents are buried there, grandparents to Joseph H. Keithley who’s tombstone I posted a couple of weeks ago.

As we drove into the entrance of the cemetery we had to drive up a small hill and near the top on my right I spotted their tombstone.



Elisha W. Turner b. 1807-1879 was on one side and his wife Sarah Morse Turner b. 1809 -1880 was on the opposite side.


Another side has their last name at the base and clasping hands in the middle it.  I’m not familiar with the meaning of the symbol, perhaps marriage.   To learn more about my trip you can visit my Travel Journals page and follow the links under the May 2008 Illinois & Wisconsin portion.