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Amazingly I have more photos from funerals than weddings dated prior to 1960.  Consequently, I have decided to submit for this edition of Smile for the Camera a photo of a more distant relative Leo Henry Keithley who was one of my maternal grandmother’s uncles (her mother Eva’s brother).

Leo was the third of four children born to his parents, Joseph and Martha Keithley, and was born November 17, 1883 probably in Fairview, Illinois.  By 1917 he was living in Peace River, Alberta, Canada and later he lived in Whitelaw, Alberta, Canada.  Wilhelmina “Mina” Johanna Sauer was born in Rotterdam, Holland on February 12, 1900.  I was told that Mina was a mail order bride but they may not be fully correct.  She married Leo on April 22, 1930 only a few time after immigrated to Canada from Holland.

Leo wedding

According to a book entitled Waterhole and North of the Peace, Mina’s brothers,  Hank and Peter Sauer “came from Holland and settled near Mr. Keithley.  Peter’s farm was originally homesteaded by Danny Whitford.  Their young brides Marie and Bets came from Holland later.  They later retired to Fairview where Hank and Marie still live” (1970).   Because Mina’s brothers and their wives attended her wedding it is clear that the Sauer brothers came to Canada before Mina did and probably were involved in her moving from Holland.

Leo and Wilhelmina had 3 sons and 1 daughter, 2 of the sons lived to adulthood.  This wedding photo was one of several that Leo and Mina’s son sent me several years ago.  I have a few letters and photos that Leo sent his nephew and neice through the years.


The 14th Edition of Smile For The Camera is Wedding Belles. Historically, couples married in the month of June to honor Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. Others did it to time conception so births wouldn’t interfere with harvest work. And brides in the 15th century chose to marry in June because it coincided with their “annual bath” – that’s right – ensuring a relatively sweet-smelling honeymoon. Show us a photograph of a wedding, a wedding party, a bride, a groom, the reception, or even the honeymoon. Bring them to the carnival and share. Admission is free with every photograph!