The view from my front window

We had a white Christmas here in Oklahoma, with a record breaking 14″ of snow.  Everyone in my family was safe and sound in their homes by Christmas eve.  However, due to the ‘blizzard like’ conditions, only my mother made it over to our house.  She came over before the weather got really bad and came prepared to spend a few days even though she lives only a few miles away.  I’m glad she chose to spend the time with us.

Keith bought me a new, blue video camera (JVC Everio GZ-MS130) and gave it to me Christmas Eve in the afternoon so I’d have time to learn how to use it for evening activities.  I’m very excited to have a video camera and have no doubt that the video footage will be a lasting gift for many generations to come especially if I take care to identify the events and people I record.  On Christmas morning he told me to act surprised when the video camera was in my stocking so, when Mom took the photo, I think I did a pretty good job looking surprised.

We all got gifts we wanted and we got to enjoy one another more than anticipated due to the inclement weather.

It wasn’t until today, the 27th, that my brother and his family came over and we exchanged gifts and had a good meal together.  I got another nice gift, a necklace from my nephew and he had written the name tag.   I really like the name tag not only because it is handwritten but because, as an only child for 16 years, I didn’t think I’d ever get to be an aunt.  It is a wonderful gift to see and hear “Aunt Kay”.