Last week I sold Mom’s piano, which was an emotional process for me because my Mom loved her piano.  In response to the news that we found a good family for the piano, my aunt posted a photo of someone playing the piano.  When I saw that photo I recalled seeing a photo similar to it when my brother and I were going through our mother’s house after her death last month.  The hands are active in the photo so it was difficult to know whose they were but they looked familiar; they looked like our Mom’s hands.  When I inquired, my aunt said she took the photo of my mom playing her own piano as part of a school project in 1999.


As I was reflecting on how touching that photo was to me, I realized that I’ve always been fascinated by hands.  Out of curiosity, I searched my files and found further evidence of my interest in hands in my attempts at drawing, poetry and photography. Below are a few of those about hands.


Way back in 1983 my Dad bought me a SLR camera and I took this photo of him playing a video game then a couple of years ago I posted and commented about it on my facebook page.

Dad-handsAlso in 1983, I tried drawing that picture of Dad’s hands.


June 2013 I’m so pleased that I took this photo of three generations of hands.