Olive Tree says “We all want to find information on our ancestors and are overjoyed to find an ancestor’s diary or journal. But what about our own memoirs? It’s important as genealogists that we not forget about writing our own story.”  To help us with this, Olive Tree will provide a prompt for each of the 52 weeks this year.  She has  a page called Sharing Memories that will list the prompts and week 1 is “Your First Childhood Memory”.

The earliest memories I have seem to be about the time we lived in Shawnee, Oklahoma and I have no idea in what order they may have happened.  According to my baby book, where my Mom kept a record of all of our moves, we lived in Shawnee from April 15, 1963 through January 1964 so I would have been 2 years 8 months to 3 years 4 months when we lived there.

My 3rd birthday party was at my maternal Grammy’s house.  For that birthday, my Dad made me a table and I had a neighbor & my cousin come over for cake.  I remember feeling bad that they made my 18th month old cousin eat the birthday cake with her dress off so she wouldn’t get it dirty.

Here's the table. Me (Kay) opening presents, my Mom, and my cousin Terri (8/31/63)

In the duplex we lived in in Shawnee, my bedroom was distinctive because it was a kitchen. It wasn’t the kitchen we cooked or ate in, it was an additional kitchen.  For some reason, one day I peed in that sink.  I remember coloring on the table my Dad made for me and that Mom was pleased with how easily all the crayon markings cleaned.  (see Winking Bunny for a view of a corner of my bedroom with the table)

We went camping about this same time and did so in very primitive ways using a sheet hung over a rope as our tent.  I remember watching my Dad easily pump some water for us out of this cool pump but when I tried it was so difficult to do and Dad took a picture of me filing a cup with water.

Me (Kay) filling the cup with water (ca 1963)

Around the same time just me and my Dad used to go to my paternal grandparents house fairly often.  On one of these visits, Dad had a bicycle he was riding and I was on the back with my legs hanging down.  Unfortunately, one of my legs got caught in the spokes so my Dad whisked me inside.  I remember crying while laying on the divan with Grandma and Dad examining me and they were very nervous.  I recall thinking that since my Grandma was a nurse, I’d be okay. It was nothing serious just a big scare and I think I got some ice cream out of the deal. (Then and Now about my Grandparent’s house)

Me (Kay) standing in front of my Grandparent's home (ca 1963)