Week 6 (February 5-11): Favorite Name

All week I pondered on who or what was my favorite name.  Each time my thinking just stalled until I began thinking about name as a noun, verb or adjective.  It was name as a verb that opened up options for me.  Yes, action is the key for me this week.

It happened to me in 1989, my brother in 2001 and my daughter in 2018.  We named our wedding dates as the 23rd of the month.

To name your wedding date is probably more due to logistics and chance rather than design.  For me, it was the logistics and chance since the site was available and it was near an important date.  Twelve years later my brother and sister-in-law coincidentally named the 23rd of the same month as their wedding date.  Then for 2018 my daughter and her fiancé named their wedding date as the 23rd, albiet a different month.

We each named the 23rd more by chance.  Now, the 23rd is my favorite naming tradition.