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Probably around September 1916 Virginia’s mother, Eva, married James Edward Fox. I can find no record of their marriage in various logical counties in Oklahoma and Missouri.  Mr. Fox had been previously married to a Rebecca and had 3 children: Clarence, Columbus and Fred. From what little I’ve learned of Mr. Fox in the census records, he was probably the illegitimate son of Sarah Fox.  My mother and I surmised this because he was living with his grandfather William Fox but his grandfather didn’t know where James’ father was born.  Now, if James Fox’s paternal grandfather Fox didn’t know where his own son was born that makes me wonder if it was one of his daughters who was the mother.  The senior Mr. Fox did have a daughter Sarah that could be the mother.

Virginia said that “Mr. Fox and Papa worked together as carpenters.”  From some of the letters that Jacob sent his brothers he was in business with someone but it went bad.  Although he did not name the individual I wonder if it could have been Mr. Fox.  Virginia also recalls her siblings indicating that “Mama had money after Papa died and Mr. Fox took the money and went to Missouri and bought a farm.  Then he came back and we moved to Missouri.” Virginia’s half sister, June, believes they may have lived in Clinton, Missouri. By June 1917, they all lived in Oilton, Oklahoma.

When Eva died in 1922 after giving birth to her 10th child, Mr. Fox sent the younger Lineberry children to live with their relatives in Virginia (their father’s family).  He also placed his own 2 children, that he had with Eva, in an orphanage until later when he married.

All of the Lineberry children have nothing positive to say about Mr. Fox.  Virginia’s last memories of her mother alive were hearing her mother tell Mr. Fox she hoped she and the baby died.  Virginia believes that her mother was terribly unhappy with her marriage to Mr. Fox.  Throughout Virginia’s life she never had fond memories of Mr. Fox, as you can probably imagine.  One particular actor, Frank Orth, always brought reminders of her step-father.

What can you add about Mr. Fox?