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Among my Grandma Brown’s photos and scrapbooks was this invitation to Lucille’s birthday party on August 1, 1911.  My grandmother, Ottie Brown nee Rury, was born in June 1908 so she would have been 3 years old.  I have to wonder if this was the first piece of mail she ever received.   This invitation and envelope are interesting to me for several reasons:

  1. It’s quite small for postal delivery, the envelope is only 2″ x 3″
  2. The address that includes only a name and a city
  3. The cool one cent stamp
  4. It piques my curiosity about Bliss

Ottie’s father’s half sister Jessie Rynearson nee Marks’ daughter was Lucille who was a bit older than Ottie so I’m pretty sure this must be the girl for whom the party was given.

Bliss, Oklahoma was in the northern portion of Noble county for 26 years until its name was changed to Marland in 1924.  The famous 101 Ranch included Bliss.

The postcard below is of my Grandmother and her parents at, what I presume to be, their home in Bliss, Oklahoma.  It certainly looks sparse around their house.

postcard 002

Late in Ottie’s life she shared recollections of Bliss, Oklahoma on a home video, which I transcribed below.  She also provided a hand drawn map.

One of the earliest memories I have is of the little town of Bliss, Oklahoma where I was born June 16, 1908. Now you may have heard some of these stories before but the earliest recollections I have is of Derry’s General Store. At Christmas time they had toys set out on tables and there was a little washer woman that you wound up…I was just fascinated with that toy but Santa Claus did not bring it to me. And then another time my father put a box on a sled with runners to go on the snow and I was holding my baby sister, Jessie, who was born on August 9, 1911.  I was holding her in my arms and we were wrapped up down in this box and we were going up hill to my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Arthur Rynearson’s, cousin Lucille who was older than I was. And I remember that we tipped over in the snow and Mama just had a fit and she scolded Papa for letting us tip over in the snow but we were soon wrapped up and on our way again.

And then Clark’s Hardware was who my father worked for and he installed guttering around the roof of a 2-story home that belonged to a Jakely’s and they were a German couple and they had a boy, Frank, and twin girls one of them was named Ida and then they had a little girl that they called Babe.  And one time this German man, Mr. Jakely, was bringing some beer to my father and mother’s and he had it in the back of his buggy. When he got to our house the beer had…uh then they had put corks in the bottles and wrapped wire around these corks to hold them in but it was hot summer time and the corks had come out and all he had was of foam in the back of his buggy. The beer had all disappeared by then.

Rury loose photos 097

For further information about Bliss, Oklahoma:

Update:  For more of the story read the comments on this post.