A fellow Lineberry researcher has some photos that she would like help in identifying.  She says

“I believe the photo’s to be of Dad’s maternal Lineberry line but there could be a few of his father’s (Batsch) family in there also.  Most are from Missouri and one or more from Kansas (I wasn’t aware that he had family in KS).  He was b. in Indiana.  I feel that these are Lineberry rather than Batsch but I could be wrong.  Any help with the photo’s or with the person’s listed on the outline would be appreciated.  Thanks,  Linda Hansen.”

To learn more of her line and contact information see her comments in my earlier post Do You Know These Lineberry’s?

Based on the photographer’s name and location these are the areas included:

  • Clinton, Missouri
  • Lamar, Barton County, Missouri
  • Liberal, Barton County, Missouri
  • Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri
  • Randolph County, Missouri
  • Cherokee, Kansas
  • Rockford, Spokane, Washington
  • Tipton, Indiana

There are three photos with names:  Will Vertries or Vertrus, Addie Bowen and Elmer Bowen.